Hyper-speed, unprecedented performance

Hyper-speed is a new range of high speed tools, ideal for vertical and horizontal grinding machines, developed to help customers boost the productivity of their production cycles. The range was designed and manufactured by Diamut, in synergy with Intermac, the Glass & Stone division of the Biesse (a multinational company and a leader in technology for the machining of wood, glass, stone, plastic and metal).

The set of Hyper-speed grinding wheels consists of an innovative segmented grinder with filler, the newly designed continuous band grinder and the polishing grinder. Manufacturing this set requires production processes that differ from the standard processes used for the creation of traditional grinding wheels.

The key novelty is the addition of a resin as a filler in the segmented grinder, which fills the gaps between the segments and guarantees a very high level finish, reducing the size of the shards compared to those left by a traditional open segment grinder. In addition, the roughing grinder in the Hyper-speed set, designed with a special profile that removes 80% of the material, ensures that the second pass with the next grinder operates on glass that has been pre-shaped and therefore has less material to remove, which saves time, boosting efficiency and sparing the profile of the subsequent grinder. Another strength of Hyper-speed grinders is the new high-performance binder, derived from the Automotive sector. The binder was obtained through new sintering technology that allows for increases in temperature and pressure to be controlled constantly during the cycle.


This process enables the production of binders with an elevated fluid phase that contain metals to help reduce the temperature on the piece during grinding. Furthermore, the continuous band grinding wheel for finishing is equipped with a high number of open cuts, optimising the flow of the refrigerant fluid and of the material being removed. All of these factors produce a noticeable increase in performance: for example, on 10 mm thick glass, trapezoidal shape, there's a close to 60% increase compared to grinding with traditional tools. In terms of metres per minute, the change is from 4 metres per minute with the traditional line, to 6 metres per minute with the Hyper-Speed Line. Meanwhile, for 6 mm thick glass, with a trapezoidal profile and double pass, the increase is even greater, with performance improving by 100%. One final example is provided by the single pass grinding of a 4 mm neck profile. In this case the change is from 10 metres fed per minute with traditional tools to 20 metres fed per minute with Hyper-Speed tools, a 100% increase.

In any event, the elevated feed speed does not put additional strain on the machine and in no way harms the lifespan of the components. In fact, tests conducted during the development phase monitored compliance with all machining, and therefore exertion, parameters.

The new Hyper-speed line makes optimal use of geometry and technology to achieve feed speeds that would be unthinkable with traditional grinders, borrowing from the peculiarities of tools used in the Automotive sector.

Hyper-speed is the answer to the market's unmet need for ever-higher speed and performance levels, while maintaining high quality standards.



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