HELIX - integrated boring system for CNC: Photo 1

Helix - integrated boring system

Cobalt Free
The Helix System was born of the desire of both Diamut and Intermac to develop a revolutionary boring system unlike anything seen on the market to date, capable of drilling bores with integrated upper and lower countersink on sheets of glass up to 19mm thick, using a single tool on CNC machines.
Beyond every limit
Helix System is just the latest of the many innovations that the Diamut and Intermac team of experts comes up with. The perfect blend of hardware and software emerges in the range of Intermac machining centres.
HELIX - boring system for CNC
Synergy with Intermac
Thanks to the specific software, the descent of the tool is no longer vertical but helical; it is the radiused part of the tool which enters the glass sheet, and instead of a drilling motion, the glass is ground to create the bore. Once the drilling operation is complete, lateral grinding takes place, which enlarges the bore to the nominal dimensions. Once this phase is complete, the lower and upper countersinking takes place and all defects are eliminated. Helix System is only available on the Intermac Master range built from 2005 onwards, and requires a software update.
HELIX - integrated boring system for CNC: Photo 2
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