Kit for the inside of washbasins: Photo 1
Kit for the inside of washbasins

Grinding wheels for the inside of washbasins, for CNC

The Diamut set of grinding wheels for the inside of washbasins, with a 1/2" GAS coupling, is designed to guarantee the optimum finishing - in the shortest time possible - of the corners of washbasin holes with very narrow radiusing (R10).
Limit-free polishing
Diamut has developed an innovative range of 4 diamond grinding wheels of various granulometries and with a ½ gas coupling, that ensure excellent results. The machining operation can also be completed with an additional, optional kit of polishing wheels.
The wide choice of profiles in the catalogue spans from the traditional and most common ones to those designed for the most demanding customer; in addition, Diamut can design and build special profiles, fully personalised by the customer.
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