Peripheral grinding wheels and polishing wheels for vertical machines: Photo 1

Peripheral grinding wheels for vertical machines

Vertical power
The Diamut wheel range features a wide variety of versions with 25 to 200 mm diameters which can be used on float, laminated and stratified glass. On request we can also design and manufacture tools to meet customer specifications.
Wide variety with top results
Availability of different sequences for every diameter available, to meet all machining and finishing needs.
The possible results are polished edge, rough edge, industrial polished edge, or cerium oxide finishing. In accordance with the machining operation to be carried out, we can combine all the sequences, with or without polishing wheels. The use of natural diamond in combination with coated diamond allows us to achieve levels of performance and durability which surpass all expectations, whilst maintaining impeccable quality.
Winning flexibility
From high productivity grinding wheels to those with an increased lifespan, Diamut can offer the ideal product for any type of machining operation and for any application. The right partner for machining structural and large-scale glass.
New peripheral diamond wheel for vertical machines
The new EVOX15 peripheral grinding wheel for vertical machines (diameter 150 mm) is the perfect change for making glass grinding without compromise. A geometry with innovative characters: through cuts on the diamond crown of the tool to guarantee a unique and perfect grinding on all types of monolithic glass. The new geometric features combined with the new components used have made it possible to optimize the use parameters of the new EVOX15, which guarantee unique performance with a reduced spindle effort, thus reducing both maintenance costs and those in terms of energy consumption.
Peripheral grinding wheels and polishing wheels for vertical machines: Photo 2
Peripheral polishing wheels

La nuova linea Shiny sviluppata da Diamut comprende mole periferiche lucidanti per la lavorazione del vetro su macchine CNC orizzontali e verticali.

Tutta la linea è stata realizzanta con componenti appositamente studiati per ottenere una lucidatura del vetro perfettamente brillante.

  • Lucidatura dei bordi di alta qualità;
  • Non necessita di fori per l'acqua interna; 
  • Maggiore vita utile di lavorazione;
  • Miglior rapporto qualità prezzo: inferiore a € 0,05 / mt (diametro 100)
  • Disponibile nei diametri 25 mm, 50 mm, 80 mm, 100 mm, 120 mm, 150 mm.
Peripheral grinding wheels and polishing wheels for vertical machines: Photo 3
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