Chevron range: Photo 1

Chevron line – peripheral grinding wheels for laminated glass

The new direction
Thanks to its innovative arrow profile, the Chevron peripheral grinding wheel channels the water in the middle of the tool and helps it to cool down, thereby improving performance and end results.
Higher performance levels
The new arrow cut profile is specially designed to optimise the removal of plastic film and guarantee removal results never before achieved with traditional tools. In comparison to standard tools, the new V-shaped design also limits and delays the classic cutting at the centre of the groove caused by the plastic film which affects the performance of the tool.
One direction
Wide choice and compatibility with the material
The Chevron line is available in a wide range of different versions, in accordance with the operation to be carried out and the type of machinery in question. The diameters available are 100, 150 and 200 mm and can be mounted either on CNC or on vertical diamond, for producing both trapezoidal and pencil edge profiles. A significant technological goal reached by the team of Diamut engineers and experts thanks to hours of tests carried out both in the internal R&D department and in collaboration with customers.
Chevron range: Photo 2
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