Guaranteed regular business activities in full compliance with measures for the safety of employees and the community.

Diamut, the Biesse Tooling division, following the statement issued by the Prime Minister on March 22, the Italian factory production is not stopped because it’s a company with continuous-cycle systems. The business continuity is guaranteed in all worldwide locations, in compliance with National and local regulations.

All commercial and sales activities supporting the business of all customers are guaranteed through the remote working methods and the already started smart working program.

 “Thanks to the synergy with our branches, we can guarantee on all markets, the order reception service, tools shipping and all customer service operations to support our customers, suppliers, branches and dealers worldwide. We also have a warehouse stocks that is more than sufficient  to meet the demand during this time. It is a strategic reserve that allows us to manage better this situation, stated Gianluca Grianti, Tooling Division Director

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