Drills and counter-sinks for CNC: Photo 1
Diamut provides an extensive range of drills in 75, 95 and 69 mm versions, for all boring needs. Available with countersink as well. We can also design and manufacture non-standard options for special machining operations or specific machinery on request.
KCX line
For those looking for higher performance levels
The KCX drill is the ultimate in terms of cutting capacity, hole quality and tool lifespan. The stainless steel body minimises the risk of rust on the tool, as well as ensuring greater durability and resistance to machining strain. Available for CNC vertical machines, it boasts a dedicated channel design for draining water and glass powder. Special production technology ensures greater forward speeds and less regular dressing.
Drills and counter-sinks for CNC: Photo 2
DBR line
For consistent performance and a long lifespan
Available for CNC, vertical and manual machines, the DRB drill features a diamond ring measuring 1.2mm and a 3mm channel for removing water and cutting residue. It ensures superb boring quality for all types of machining, and the best combination of quality and accessibility.
Drills and counter-sinks for CNC: Photo 3
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