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Alan Hooper

"Mr. Manufacturing"

Manufacturing engineer leading both the redressing and manufacturing operations of the Biesse Group Campus in Charlotte, NC.

in Diamut America since: June 2018.

Age : 26 years old.

Curiosity: He has setup over 20,000 lbs of Equipment and material.

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Giuseppe Bertuzzi

"The treasurer"

Mixtureelaborating personnel

In Diamut since: 30 years

Age: 51 years old


He prepared about 1,500,000 binder and diamond blends.

Stefano Martini

"The baker"

Robot cell personnel

in Diamut since: 1 year

Age : 21 years old


He has already loaded and unloaded about 37.500 moulds from the robot cell.

Pierluigi Avveduti

"Speedy Gonzales"

Plant supervisor

In Diamut since: 27 years

Age: 49 years old


He has walked about 20,250 km around the production plant.

Sabrina Vignali


Administrative shipping personnel

In Diamut since: 5 years

Age: 25 years old


She has used around 18.750 transport mailboxes for shipments.


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